American Men in Science (1906)

American Men in Science: A Biographical Dictionary. J. McKeen Cattell, editor. New York: The Science Press, 1906 (vol. 1); page 46.

Bunting, Dr. Martha, 610 W. 113th St, New York, N.Y.  Biology.  Philadelphia, Pa., [born] Dec. 2, [18]61. B.L., Swarthmore, 81; Pennsylvania, 88-91; Bryn Mawr, 91-93; Woods Hole, 91, 92; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr, 95; Columbia, 98-99; Woods Hole, 99.  Instr. biol., Woman’s Col. of Baltimore, 93-97; head teacher, Girls’ High Sch., Phila., 97-98; asst. teacher, Wadleigh High Sch., N.Y., [19]00- .  N.Y. State Teachers’ Ass.; N.Y. Ass. Biol. Teachers; N.Y. Teachers’ Ass.; Phila. Geog. Soc.  Origin of [the] sex cells in Hydractinia and Podocoryne; [and the] development of Hydractinia; Über die Bedeutung der Otolithenorgane für die geotropischen Functionen von Astacus [fluviatilis]; Structure of the cork tissues in roots of some rosaceous genera. — Spermatogenesis in Lobster.

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