Martha Bunting

Martha Bunting
Dr. Martha Bunting

Welcome to the Martha Bunting info pages. This is where you can learn all about Dr. Martha Bunting (1861-1944) — biologist, teacher, writer, and genealogist.

BIOGRAPHY — Martha Bunting was listed in many biographical dictionaries, spanning over a century. Several of these entries are included in this section. We also have Martha’s Autobiographical Sketch (1935), previously unpublished. There will also be some autobiographical excerpts from Martha’s genealogical writing.

IMAGES — of Martha Bunting, and other pictures related to her life and work.

LETTERS – Correspondence to and from Martha Bunting.

SCIENTIFIC WRITING Coming Soon! — Here are some of Martha Bunting’s publications in scientific journals. (Full text when available.) Explore the exciting worlds of Tetramitus rostratus Perty, sex-cells in Hydractinia and Podocoryne, and much more!

POPULAR WRITING Coming Soon! — Besides her many other activities and accomplishments, Martha Bunting published articles in popular magazines, on horticultural topics, mostly about gardens and plants. She took her own photographs for these articles and developed them herself, in her own photography studio.

GENEALOGICAL WRITING Coming Soon! — Genealogical work by Martha Bunting. Much of this will be found elsewhere on this website, but stand-alone, off-topic (other family trees, etc.), and more miscellaneous items will be located here.