Caroline Bunting

Caroline Lloyd Bunting (1870-1913)

Caroline Lloyd Bunting, daughter of Samuel and Susanna Lloyd (Andrews) Bunting, was born June 10, 1870. She died July 21, 1913.

Very little is known about Caroline Bunting’s life. Her sister Martha Bunting wrote short biographical sketches of three of her siblings (Susan, Hannah, and Charles), but Caroline and the other six siblings were mentioned only in passing.

Caroline Bunting’s name was in the long list of individuals who had provided “invaluable assistance” to Martha Bunting in her own genealogical research. Among Martha Bunting’s papers are numerous lineage charts “compiled by Caroline L. Bunting” – several dealing with surnames not in the Bunting family tree. Perhaps Caroline was a professional genealogist. She never married, and she almost certainly had a profession of some sort (like her two unmarried sisters, Martha and Kezia), but today her life story remains a mystery.

She was also known as “Carrie” Bunting. (Source: 1880 United States Federal Census.) After the death of her mother (1896) she lived with her oldest sister, Kezia Bunting, for the rest of her life. Caroline Bunting died at age 43, from a heart condition (ulcerative endocarditis). She is interred at the Friends’ Burial Ground, Darby, PA.

Here is a photo of Caroline Bunting, date unknown (circa 1895). A larger version (1046 x 1549, 242 KB) is linked to below:

Caroline Lloyd Bunting.