Tetramitus rostratus Bunting

Martha Bunting did extensive work with an amoeboflagellate called Tetramitus rostratus Perty. Her major paper on its life-cycle, published in 1926, brought her (briefly) to national attention, as articles about this work appeared in several newspapers around the country, including the New York Times. The title of her paper was: “Studies of the Life-Cycle of Tetramitus rostratus Perty.” It was 59 pages long, including 14 text figures and 5 plates (44 figures).* Her work appeared to show that tiny organisms can sometimes age backwards, returning to an earlier stage of development.

At some point after this (I’m not sure when or how), a strain of Tetramitus rostratus was named after Martha Bunting. You can still purchase a batch of this today, for your own experiments, from the ATCC Standards Development Organization: Tetramitus rostratus Bunting.

  1. * Journal of morphology and physiology. Vol. 42, no. 1, June 1926, pages 23-81.

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