Helen Pyle

Here is a page about my great-grandmother, Helen Pyle (1863-1948). This page shows the general type of family history info that I want to publish: real stories, accurate genealogical data, transcriptions of original records, and images.

I forgot to mention that Helen Cyrus Pyle and her future husband Charles Andrews Bunting spent four years together at Swarthmore College, graduating in 1883. Her degree was in literature; his was in science (engineering). They were on the tennis team together. The “List of Class Presents” from 1883 shows that Helen received a “Sunday School Book” and Charles was given a “Potato Masher.” Charles and Helen were married 5 years later, on her birthday, April 12, 1888.

By the way, if you’re active on Ancestry.com, please check out my family tree: Bunting-Sheldon-Green. These 3 family names are the primary focus, but many other surnames are also there, or will be added soon. I’m trying to build a very solid tree, using lots of documentation (attached documents), with everything carefully checked and any discrepancies resolved. So far there are 91 people and over 200 attached records.

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