Edith and Isabel Bunting

New pages have been added with information about my grandmother’s sisters: Edith C. Bunting (1890-1960) and Isabel P. Bunting (1892-1976). Both had interesting careers and never married.

Not mentioned in the articles — As a young woman Edith Bunting spent several summers working in Brattleboro, VT, for the Cutting family, as a cook and helper. (Edith was a trained dietitian.) The father in this household, Starr Willard Cutting (1858-1935), was a renowned professor of German at the University of Chicago, author of numerous books, who was born in West Brattleboro and maintained a summer residence there.

Also, both Edith and Isabel spent at least one summer working at Camp Wyonegonic, a camp for girls (which is still active today), in Denmark, Maine.

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