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“I rise again with laurel & shield.”

Bunting Family HistoryWhich Buntings are we talking about? Samuel Bunting (1692-1758) came to America in 1722, and settled in Darby, Pa. Samuel’s grandparents were Anthony and Ellen (Barker) Bunting (both died in 1700), owners of Buntingfield, a country estate near Matlock, Derbyshire, England. Samuel Bunting married Sarah Fearne in 1727. Their son Josiah married Sarah Hunt (1760), and their descendants and relatives form our branch of the Bunting tree. (But other, more distant Buntings may be talked about as well.)
The Buntings

Helen Pyle in 1883

Other Surnames — Many related families will be discussed and documented: Andrews, Lloyd, Paschall, Sellers, Ridgway, McIlvain, Green, Pyle, Sheldon, and others. Included will be a connection to the famous artist Howard Pyle; the somewhat distant relation to William F. Cody (“Buffalo Bill”); a domestic adventure with Geo. Washington at the Blue Bell Inn; Jonathan Sheldon and his “Freedom Suit” of 1778; and much more.
Other Surnames

Martha Bunting in 1881

Dr. Martha Bunting — Her life and work, especially her genealogical work. This website will be a major source of information about Martha Bunting (1861-1944). She is also an important contributor to this site, posthumously, through her genealogical writings. Martha Bunting wore many hats during her long life: educator, scientist, medical researcher, relief worker (in WWI), writer, photographer, and professional genealogist. Visit Martha’s pages to learn more.
Martha Bunting

William Penn (1644-1718)

Quakers — Their lives, traditions, religious practices, history, etc. The Buntings were Quakers, starting with Anthony Bunting and his wife Ellen Barker in the 1600s, who were very early members of the Religious Society of Friends, down to the 20th century. This section will also have sketches of life in Darby & Philadelphia, in the 18th and 19th centuries, and information on Quaker genealogy (history & resources).